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Presenting Pixelgrand, a ‘bleeding’ edge technology that is here to
change the fundamentals of how business works!

Blending multidisciplinary philosophies, abstract forms of creativity,
science, the art of communiqué and grace in messaging – Pixelgrand is
here to set trends and benchmarks on how you sell, position, brand
and build relations with your clients.

A never before amalgam of advanced marvels like 3D modelling,
Touchscreen Technology, Virtual Reality and Compelling Storytelling
to the world of Real Estate and Construction, Pixelgrand sure looks
promising to say the least.

If you are planning world class projects for tomorrow’s India, we
pledge to breathe life into them.

With PixelGrand, the future starts now...


In the last decade, India has seen an unprecedented boom in the Real Estate Sector and it is expected that by 2020, Indian Real Estate Sector will be worth around $180 billion. Pixelgrand is not here to just help you build a great many number of houses; rather, take pride in the quality of housing provided as well.

A large Real Estate Project is usually a combination of many aspects - aesthetics, engineering, planning, functionality, comfort and aspirations. And, the challenging aspects include Time, Delivery and Promises met by the builders.

Large Real Estate players want their customers:
-- to trust that deliveries will be as promised
-- to envision the architect's vision
-- to feel the life the promised project will have once it is ready In simpler words, companies want their patrons to visualize what their dream homes will be like.

Until now, there was absolutely no way this could be achieved properly, difficult as it is, to visualize a future home from 2D brochures and advertisements, and non-interactive 3D walkthroughs. PixelGrand, over the last 2 years, has collaborated with some of the best engineers and designers across the world and has built India's first Interactive Visualization tool for the Real Estate industry, REiA (Real Estate Interactive Application).

With REiA, you will not only see what your project will look like, but you will actually experience the ‘feel’ of living in it.



Real Estate Interactive Application REiA uses Interactive Visualization tools including Large Format Touchscreen Televisions to access all relevant information about an upcoming Real Estate Project. REiA also uses Virtual Reality (VR) extensively. VR simulates experiences through senses and perceptions. With REiA, we build immersive environments that are similar to the real world.

REiA is a PixelGrand creation and is the first of its kind in India and amongst the first in the world. REiA will revolutionize how Real Estate Projects are positioned, spoken about and sold in Indian and global markets.

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GL Kumar
Director / Ideation


Kumar - a dynamic guy with deep technical expertise and an insatiable love for aesthetics. Striving to create a fine balance between art & technology, He have graduated through several milestones in his careers, including working on major Hollywood blockbusters like Life of Pi, Night at the Museum 2, Alvin and the Chipmunks 2, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Into the Storm, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Hunger Games, Moneyball and have been part of the Academy award winning VFX studio: Rhythm & Hues.

He has worked in the Real Estate Sector for the better part of the last decade in building effective communication for large corporate houses. Over the course of his journey, he had come to realize that, to truly add value to their clients, they must break out of the rank and file. The usual suspects of the advertising and promotions world will scream at the top of their printed inks and stock imagery - and jostle for space in an overcrowded patron's mind... largely, to not much effect.

Kumar knew that the only way out was to build something from a homebuyer's point of view - something that will help them see, feel and play with the plethora of information they are provided with, if only customers could immerse themselves and truly experience what they were being offered - this is the genesis of REiA.

In due course, Kumar tied up with Kaustav. He had known Kaustav for some time now, and felt company needed a part of the 'grey' someone like Kaustav could bring to the mix. Kaustav has two decades of business experience in a wide variety of industries in different parts of the world. His technical expertise, ability to work with complex challenges and keen interest in communication, have helped him build and work with amazing companies over the years - both in the products and services spaces.

The two of them have now endeavoured to build a world class product - a "make in India" initiative that will change the way Real Estate projects are sold in India.

AVL is a specialized marketing association that has synergized with PixelGrand to take REiA across India.

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